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        青島世納機械設備有限公司主要經營的產品有:氣流粉碎機,氣流分級機,超細氣流分級機,超微粉碎機,球磨分級生產線.                    青島世納機械設備有限公司     中文版 / English
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        Carbon Black Carbon Black (2015-11-27)
        GCC GCC (2015-11-25)
        dd GCC, is calcite powder, heavy calcium carbonate is referred to, is composed of carbonate minerals such as calcite, natural marble, limestone milling and. It is commonly used w...  more>>
        Kaolin Kaolin (2015-11-25)
        Pure kaolin with high whiteness, soft, easy dispersion is suspended in the water, good plasticity and high adhesion, excellent electrical insulation properties; with good acid...  more>>
        Plastic Power Plastic Power (2015-11-14)
        塑料粉  more>>
        graphite graphite (2015-11-14)
        Barite Barite (2015-10-20)
        Fine Phosphate Fine Phosphate (2015-10-15)
        Rubber Rubber (2015-10-15)
        Flame retardant materials Flame retardant materials (2015-10-09)
        Activated Carbon Activated Carbon (2015-10-07)
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