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        青島世納機械設備有限公司主要經營的產品有:氣流粉碎機,氣流分級機,超細氣流分級機,超微粉碎機,球磨分級生產線.                    青島世納機械設備有限公司     中文版 / English
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        Qingdao Shina Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd locates in Wangcheng Industrial Park, Laixi, Qingdao City, China. Qingdao Shina is a Professional supplier of ultra-fine powder equipments and design for big whole grinding and classifying production line, which includes research and development, manufacture, sales and trade.

        Qingdao Shina takes “Start a career with essence, win through high quality” as business concept all the time, and devotes itself to the research development and manufacture of Ultra-fine powder equipment. Qingdao Shina dominates by independent research and development, bring in, study and modify international ultra-fine grinding and classifying technology, and try best to be International best manufacturer in ultra-fine powder equipment. We have a strict quality control system, our products have passed CE, intellectual property system,“specialized, precise, peculiar and new” products and other certifications. We have been awarded high-tech enterprises, “specialized, precise, peculiar and new” demonstration enterprises and other honors.   

        What we supply to customers are not only one set of equipment, but most all is one solution, including feasibility study of project, analysis of downstream market, estimation of investment, design of engineering, supply of complete plant, installation and commissioning of equipment, training of operators, until the turn-key project.  

        From consultation to after-sales support, all-weather, whole-process, all-directional and whole-hearted service system escorts customers. 


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        Address:207 Shenzhen South Road, Laixi City. Qingdao, China  Zip:266601  E-mail:sales@qdshina.com